RateMeUp FAQ

1. Will I not get banned? Is there a possibility for RateMeUp users to be penalized by counter providers?

         During the entire existence of the project since 2011 and it actively being used by tens of thousands of people, we have never received any information from our users about getting sanctions or receiving the slightest of warnings from search engines.

2. Is my license key good for 15,000 visitors a day, or in total?

         The number of hits you pay for (15,000, for example) represent a total, and not a daily quantity. You can allocate the quantity you have purchased to one (or several) websites at once in any way that you wish. Upon reaching the purchased limit, you will have the option of ordering a new key for a desired quantity or topping up the existing one.

3. How long will my license key remain active?

         A license key has no expiration period. You can use it for managing visitors on any number of your websites simultaneously (even from one computer) until you have used all of the visits you have purchased.

4. How do I get visitors from a particular country/region only?

         RateMeUp uses a frequently-updated list of so-called anonymous proxy servers. This list contains servers located all over the world, since there are simply not enough anonymous proxy servers in one particular country. At the moment, most of the proxy servers we use are located in Russia and Eastern Europe, along with others in the US and China. The program provides the ability to use its own list of proxy servers.

5. Can I manage the visitor for the same website from both my home and at work?

         Yes, it is quite possible to start cheating one site from different devices.

6. What is the price for the entire application/server side of the application?

         RateMeUp is a complex software suite comprised of several servers and a number of specialized utilities. If you are interested in purchasing RateMeUp in its entirety, make sure you clearly understand its purpose and conditions of use. Please send a detailed request to our support service, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

7. Is it possible to develop a separate, custom version of the application specifically for my website?

         RateMeUp was originally conceived as a software product intended for a wide user audience, and the development of custom-tailored individual versions is not in our plans. However, a new challenge with a promising perspective may be of interest to us.

8. I started the program, but it cannot detect a hit counter on my website. How do I fix this?

         If you are certain that your website has hit counters installed that are listed as being supported by RateMeUp, but the program is not "seeing" them, then please make sure the code of the counter(s) in question is not obsolete or has been modified by your webmaster. If the problem persists, please send an email to our technical support: [email protected].

9. I started the program, it detected all the counters and began working on the stats, but I cannot see any apparent results on the counters. What might be the problem?

         Most likely, you just need to wait a little until the newly-added requests get have been processed on the server and reflected in your site stats. Processing times vary from counter to counter, and may take up to several hours. If you are seeing no results in 24 hours, please contact our technical support: [email protected].

10. What is the program's highest output per hour/day?

         The "speed" of statistics cheating depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, the quantity and type of hit counters being adjusted, click depth settings, and server loads. Typically, the daily average is about several thousand visitors. To increase performance, we recommend running several programs from different folders at once. In this case, you can use one key for all simultaneously running copies.

11. Why does the program say 500 requests have been sent while the counter only shows 480 visitors?

         Counter cheating is a complex process. The server of the counter provider may disregard a certain percentage of incoming requests. For privacy reasons, they are sent through anonymous proxy servers. The list of proxy servers is long, and is updated on an hourly basis. Our software takes care of sending the requests, but obviously cannot guarantee that the counter provider registers every single one of them, as this is something that depends on the type of counter, the program settings, and the proxy servers being used. It is technically impossible for an outside agent to interpret exactly how the counter provider's server handles an incoming request. This is why the numbers of ordered requests and actual counted visitors sometimes vary from one another, with an average difference of up to 15% in either direction.

12. How can I make the program work when the computer is turned off?

         To ensure round-the-clock operation, the program can be run on a VDS server.

13. How can I transfer settings to another computer or to a new version of the program?

         You can transfer your settings using the import/export settings menu, which is available by clicking on the button with the image of a gear in the lower-left corner of the main program window:

How to transfer the settings to another computer or to a new version of the RateMeUp program

14. How can I enter words and phrases for search queries so that they are not displayed mixed-up in the counter statistics?

         Sample words for search queries: website; rating; gallery; information; prices; registration; personal; store; address; additional; download.
         Sample phrases for search queries: check the website rating; photo gallery for free; where to get information about the website rating; prices for services; personal registration in the store; the address of the administrator section; download a program for creating photo galleries.
         When using phrases, not words, you need to set the parameter "Words in the search request from - to:" as 1 and 1. After changing the settings of keywords and phrases, the program must then be restarted in order for them to take effect.

15. How can I reduce the bounce rate of visitors in statistics to zero and increase the page viewing time?

         It is necessary to fill in the "Site pages with counter list", specifying more than one page and setting the parameter "Site pages browsing depth from ... to ..." a more than 1. The value of the "Page viewing delay" parameter should be set to less than 150 seconds.